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Martial Arts, Boxing & Personal Training in Monmouth County, NJ

Weight, Strength & Speed Training • Boxing, Kickboxing & Self Defense • Coaching

The Village approaches self defense & fitness seriously. Self Defense is not just a term or slogan. For us, self defense is a comprehensive and mandatory way of life. It involves rigorous training & education, a dedicated discipline, and a very strong body.

If you want total fitness and truly learn how to defend yourself and protect those you love, The Village is the place for you. Contact us for a free tour!

We are here to develop stronger, healthier, and tougher individuals through a serious and diverse curriculum of training including boxing, martial arts, kickboxing, & grappling.

The Village Will Help You To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

  • Get Lean & Strong
  • Increase Your Stamina
  • Test Yourself & Challenge Your Comfort Zone
  • Learn Proper Techniques That You Can Use Forever
  • Lose Fat and Feel Healthier
  • Gain Confidence
  • Feel Happier and Healthier Using Your Body Physically As It Was Intended To Be Used

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