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5 Kickboxing Moves that Strengthen Your Core

Kickboxing is more than a sport to help with self-defense. It shoots up your overall heartrate, while enabling you to work on numerous muscles at once. One muscle group that kickboxing helps you work on is your core. Therefore, if you want to have a flat belly, strong abs, and a defined waistline, kickboxing can help you achieve exactly that. This article looks into 5 kickboxing moves that will definitely strengthen your core.

  1. Front Kick

Apart from being so much exciting, kicking increases the energy expenditure of your kickboxing workout, as it involves huge muscle groups, which require more oxygen. The front kick involves your core, glutes, hamstrings, and quad muscles.

You do the front kick by starting in fighting stance, extending the knee joint, and then making contact with the ball of the foot on the bag. While doing this, you should ensure you chamber your knee to start the movement, and keep the knee straight but flexible enough to allow for hyperextension when you kick the bag.

  1. Round Kick

The round kick is very powerful and it involves your core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Due to its rotational movement, this kickboxing move involves mostly your oblique and abdominals.

Just like the front kick, you have to start from your fight stance. You will then commence the move by driving one hip and shoulder forward. While using one leg as the base, extend the joint of your other knee to maximize power output as you hit the bag. For maximum effectiveness, the toes of the base foot should also rotate at least 90 degrees.

  1. Crunch Knee

Another kickboxing move for your core is the crunch knee. This movement works on the same muscle groups as the front kick and round kick. It focuses more on the core, hip flexors, glutes, hamstring, and quads and lessor on the oblique, as there is no rotation.

Just like most kickboxing moves, you have to start from the fight stance and move one knee up and forward. Bring your heel close to your glutes to create a triangular shape. You should then drive your hips forward, as you keep your hands up. Be sure to make contact with the kneecap on the bag before returning to the normal fight stance.

  1. Sweep, Squat, Kick Combo

The sweep squat is just an upgrade of the normal squat. It engages muscles in your quads and glutes. However, if you add the kick, you fire up your core and hamstrings.

To do this combo movement, start in the guard position with your feet being shoulder-distance apart. You will then sit into a squat position with your hands by your cheekbones. As you drive your body to stand up from the squat, you will sweep your arms to your left and kick with your right leg. Do this on your left side too to complete one rep.

  1. Punch Combo

You might not know it but punching also works on your core. Some punches you need to do here include the jab, cross, and uppercut.

To do the jab punch, you need to start from a fighting stance with your arms on guard and right foot forward. Throw a jab by extending your right arm out, while turning the palm towards the ground. Draw the elbow back and do the same on your left side to complete a repetition.

To do the cross, you have to start from a fighting chance, and then extend your right arm forward, as you turn the palm towards the ground. You will do this while lifting the right heel off the ground, and rotating the right hip into punch. Do this with your left side too.

To throw an uppercut, you start by bending down your right elbow, then rotate your right heel and hip, and quickly drive your arm upwards, as if you are going to punch an opponent’s chin. Draw the elbow back into the guard position and repeat the movement using your left side too.

Kickboxing is a full body workout of high intensity that helps you ensure better coordination, strength, and mobility. You will not only work on your muscles, but will also squash any stress, anxiety, and fear of the day. Although kickboxing helps you knock out many calories, it does not skimp on strength either. It helps strengthen everything from the shoulders, legs, and abs. You can thus see that kickboxing will not only help with your core, but other muscle groups too.