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Mark Patock, Owner

Message from the owner.

“Welcome to my gym. The Village is a vision that I’ve had for many years while I was honing my craft through education and time spent training people at other facilities. I got into this business because I am very passionate about physical fitness and the Arts of hand to hand self defense. I want to help empower people to become better versions of themselves using training as a vehicle to discover the truth. The truth that they are capable of far more than they believe they are, inside as well as outside of the gym. For me training has always been a metaphor for life. You can learn many invaluable life lessons in the gym that you can carry with you into the world, better preparing you for the invariable challenges that life will present.


The Village is also a community of friendly, uplifting individuals that are here for one another, inside and outside of the gym. I have greatly benefited in life from many connections and friendships I have developed through Physical Fitness, as well as Boxing, and Martial Arts. The Village represents this and welcomes ANYONE who wishes to be better training enthusiasts, athletes, fighters, and most importantly, better human beings.

I chose the business’s name because the concept of a “Village” clearly expresses how I’ve come to see the community of relationships that I’ve developed with my clients. Not only have I been fortunate enough to be a part of their various fitness journeys but I’ve also developed close personal bonds with many of them, based on a mutual appreciation of each others interests beyond the realm of fitness.

Mark Patock, US Army

Back at Fort Gordon in school (AIT) for Commications training to be a Signal Support System Specialist
In an industry that is generally dominated by big business and high-powered salesmen (who generally have little concern for anything other than the bottom-line), I have managed to successfully change lives through an intimate, passionate approach to my clients’ concerns and needs, varied as they might be.
Whether this is your first fitness endeavor or you are a seasoned athlete I can assure you that you will be treated with the utmost professionalism and not just be another cash-cow headed down the cookie-cutter assembly line. I am sincerely committed and personally invested in helping you achieve your goals.

I am currently certified by the International Sports Sciences Association as both a Personal Trainer and as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and offer over a decade of experience both training and teaching Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing.”