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Come to the Village and learn the sweet science of boxing.

Professional boxers are some of the most fit athletes in the world. It simply is an amazing sport and an even more amazing workout. However, although you will tremendously improve your physical fitness learning boxing, this is not a “fitness” Boxing class. This is a boxing education class. This is true boxing training, fundamentals, and techniques class. The workout is simply icing on the cake and goes with the territory. You do not have to Spar or fight but the emphasis is on real, technical boxing. (Sparring opportunities are always available for those interested.)

There will be partner drills teaching proper defense, countering punching, footwork, bag-work and shadowboxing. For this class you will need to get boxing shoes, a groin protector, gloves, a mouthpiece, hand-wraps, and headgear if you spar. Like all of our fighting disciplines, we take boxing seriously while having a lots of fun at the same time. Both women and men are welcome to get in on the action!

Boxing has innumerable benefits and anyone can participate and learn this beautiful “sweet science”. Whether you are a beginner or have competitive aspirations The Village has what you need for success.

Owner, Mark Patock, is a licensed coach with USA boxing, so you will be in great hands. Private and group classes are available. Come try a free class, contact us today!

The “sweet science” of boxing!

Yes… The sweet science! Many will wonder how can such a brutal sport be called either sweet or science!

Yes, boxing is often very violent and lends itself to a bloody brawl between two people who tough it out until the end. Toughness, courage, and guts all are a part of being a good boxer. However, many viewers have a hard time looking past the physical aspect of boxing and do not see the incredible beauty and grace of boxers’ incredible talent and abilities. A true analysis of the sport from a spectator with an understanding of what is really going on will appreciate the display and performance of two gifted warriors with skill as they execute their strategy to the best of their abilities. All of a sudden, what once seemed like a brutal fight to the finish, becomes a chess match of incredible depth. This is where the “sweet science” begins to make sense.

When working with The Village, we are going to cover all aspects of boxing, but the sweet science is what makes an average boxer a very good boxer. There is a science to it and it has been passed on for generations. Let’s get started by passing it on to you today!