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Martial Arts

Martial Arts – The Village System!

Martial Arts have been around for a long time and have evolved and devolved in my opinion in various different directions. It has been my experience also that different people have different Ideas about what they are supposed to be and look like. I did not have the traditional Martial Arts experience as a child but was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu later in adulthood after doing some boxing in the Army when I was younger.

I found as a striking art that boxing could be very effective against other striking styles but also realized some of the limitations and started learning to integrate Muay Thai with my boxing skill set. Also after years of training in the gym I decided to focus on mostly training without the kimono and focus on a style that worked well while integrating strikes on the ground also incorporating wrestling and some Judo throws. Essentially this school’s main Martial Arts focus is on practical, high percentage moves that will work in self defense situations.

We take Martial Arts training seriously!

Some of our students choose to test themselves in competition and others just train for fun. This is fine and yes, martial arts training should be fun. However, we do not approach martial arts like it is all fun and games. Our school does not waste time with silly routines that will not help you in a real fight or life threatening situation. Understanding how to defend yourself can be the difference between walking home or taking an ambulance to the hospital or worse.

Like many champion caliber athletes and fighters we do not have a belt system. Again, this is not your parents traditional Martial Arts school. I believe very strongly that everyone has the natural right to defend themselves and their families against anyone who should attempt to harm them.

This is the main objective of our programs.

Whenever possible avoid fighting and altercations by any means necessary. The unpredictable nature of events can cost you or your loved ones dearly. For the times that this is unavoidable, fight, fight for your life. Fight to win. When and only when your opponent is defeated, ease back.