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I’ve had the privilege of training with Mark for over 10 years. Of utmost importance to me was to find someone who understands functional movement and who could translate that to the tennis court. Coupled with the fact I’m almost a baby boomer (I’ll never tell), with the mentality of ‘never give up or give in’ it was critical that whoever I chose have an understanding of movement at every age and season.

I’ve been so blessed and grateful to have found an extremely talented (yet humble) athlete to continue on my person trek. As an MMA professional, Mark understands how the human body works. As a person, he is a true Zen master, and my trusted friend. I’m honored to be part of The Village!

– Christy Austin

“Throughout my time as an athlete of several different sports under many different coaches there is not another coach who I have wanted to resume learning under more than Mark. He lives for training, whether it be for himself or others and has a strong understanding of what drives progression in an athlete. Mark not only taught me what I am capable of as an athlete, but he showed me what it takes to get there and was a great friend along the way. No matter how seasoned you are you will learn something about mental fortitude training under Mark and for that alone I cannot recommend his coaching enough”

– Carter Marquette

My name is Isaac Grace, ex-amateur boxer from 2010 to 2017. Mark Patock started as my assistant coach and then became my head coach. One thing I can say about Mark is he always showed up to training in fights before every fight. He would give me great motivational talks that would fire me up as a boxing coach and he was very technical. He wanted everything perfect. Mark is truly is a student of the game and he cares about his fighters and his clients. I would watch him train other clients who are just trying to lose weight or get more muscle and he always brings the same level of energy to anyone who invests in him. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to fight or for fitness.

– Issac Grace